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Corporate Profile

By growing as a company since its inception in 1997, Key Alliance Group Berhad, previously known as DVM Technology Berhad has undergone diversification from a purely IT company to a multi-industrial group of companies with the same principles and values.

To reflect this diversification, the group changed its name and also its visual identity, assisting shareholders and investors to identify the company from its achievements. The change in identity also exhibits the long-term goals of the group, which is to have a working relationship that is synergistic between all the companies in the group.

In the field of business, diversification allows the group to access more industries and fields. Hence, innovative and interesting products can be produced with more conviction. The right fit for a great product might not be in its expected applications, in light of this, having access to more industries allows for one product to be tested by professionals across multiple fields and converge on the group level in analysis.

This strategic move from its days as an IT solutions and services provider underlines the vision of the group as it harnesses its knowledge and expertise to support its valued customers in Malaysia and abroad to obtain that competitive advantage.


Group Structure

KAG Group Structure

DVM Innovate Sdn Bhd

The foundation of Key Alliance Group's subsidiaries, DVM Innovate Sdn Bhd has a long history of providing end to end enterprise solutions for Telco, Financial and Government sectors. Well established as a business, DVM Innovate Sdn Bhd is a trusted partner in many turn key projects to provide support for the customer's business.

NGC Systems Sdn Bhd

NGC Systems creates mobile applications and telephony solutions for consumers. Utilizing a flagship converged communication solutions, Genico Broadband Telephony and Genico 2G, 2.5G, and 3G Video Telephony Services enable customers to rapidly deploy information and increase traffic.

Key Alliance Sdn Bhd

Key Alliance focusses in the group solution distribution business. Key Alliance uses two-tier distribution channel model to strengthen the group's strategic direction towards providing world class technology solutions to their key partners and customers.

Key Alliance portfolio includes:

  • Enterprise Network and Wireless Solutions
  • Business and Operational Tools
  • Enterprise IPX Communication Solution
  • Communications Intelligent Devices and Solutions
  • Financial Market Products
  • Multi Asset Trading Platform

Design DEPT Sdn Bhd

Design DEPT offers high quality interior design, consultation and site management to customers of both residential and commercial markets. By 3D visual rendering and harnessing innovative designs, Design Dept looks to transform the interior space to promote higher productivity, better health and even increased sales.

Precious Essence Sdn Bhd

A firm specializing in investment opportunities that have resources to advise and finance local businesses in their operations that they may invest in beneficial infrastructure. Precious Essence can also transact on the financial markets clients equities, bonds, currencies and commodities.

Corporate One Training Academy Sdn Bhd
(Formerly known as DVM Intellisource Sdn Bhd)

Corporate One Training Academy provides clients with the training needed to improve performance both individually and as a team. Soft skills, business courses and operation specific skills are among the various training courses offered by Corporate One. Ultimately Corporate One strives to stimulate employees to think more effectively on the what, how and why of their current business paradigms, and develop strong company capabilities to leverage on that paradigm to be a success.

GE Green Sdn Bhd

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Key Alliance Group, GE Green is in the business of kitchen appliances trading in Malaysia. GE Green has in its possession its brand name Pacifica kitchen appliances which has become an established household name after 2 decades in the industry. GE Green also holds exclusive distributorship for Italian Bertazzoni, making it a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Digital Paper Solutions Sdn Bhd

Digital Paper Solutions offers document management systems implementation, which allows the client to manage growing amounts of physical documents utilizing one of the most established content management disciplines in the world. The company also offers managed print services with a belief of printing less and saving more. This innovative approach to large scale printing coupled with the experience of the directors ensures the high level of quality in the services provided.