About Us

Corporate Objectives

Customer Loyalty

Nothing speaks more loudly than delivering inventive ICT solutions that translates into customer success. This is an essential element in the way Key Alliance Group Berhad do business and conducts itself.

Continuous Growth

As growth comes from taking smart risks, we believe our experience and knowledge will help us recognize trends and make for a smoother ride in the perilous waves of uncertainty.

Market Leadership

Key Alliance Group Berhad focuses on leading the pack in its chosen fields of competition and continuously adapts to global market request.

Employee Commitment

Motivated and loyal employees make a difference at Key Alliance Group Berhad. Their efforts, contributions and accomplishments are highly valued, and critical to our success.

Corporate Citizenship

Key Alliance Group Berhad will practice the highest standards of honesty and integrity, crucial in earning and retaining loyalty from various stakeholders.

Responsible Profit

Short and long-term profitability will provide resources that allow us to reinvest in new and emerging business opportunities, employees and community.

Mission Statement

Key Alliance Group Berhad's Mission Statement

To be a transnational group of companies in the provision of leading edge technology for total business and operational solutions.

KAG to Customers

To enhance customer relationship and satisfaction level.

KAG to Employees

To innovate and step forward with continuous improvement cycles. To invest in employee knowledge and intellectual capital.

KAG as a Corporate Citizen

To be pro-active and serve in nation-building activities, developing a digital and knowledge-based economy.

KAG to shareholders

To develop strategic vision and expand technology portfolio.
To enrich company's intrinsic values.
To grow shareholder's wealth.